February 14

Exodus 36:8-38:31

What I love about the making of the tabernacle is the teamwork involved. The talents these people had astounds me. Every detail God instructed Moses was carefully followed and all the Jews had a part in it’s making. Whether giving their half shekel or weaving the material or building the structure, everyone was important in the construction.

It must have been a great time to be an Israelite. They had an important project and they were all involved in making it happen.

Are you involved in the work of your local church? Do you, with other believers use your talents to further God’s kingdom by teaching or discipling, singing or changing light bulbs, mowing or visiting the sick?

God has given you talents and abilities. Are you using them to honor him and help your church accomplish what God has asked us to do?

My prayer is that you will commit yourself to the work of a Bible-believing church. It takes all of us to get the job done.


2 thoughts on “February 14

  1. cazehner

    This is so great! I will be praying that your ministry to your community will draw people to The Lord. I think God is challenging me to get involved in something bigger than me, too. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  2. IAmFashioned

    I went to bible study at my church last nite and we actually have an event coming up called, “Serve Our City Day”! We register over 300 volunteers to go out to a few inner-city neighborhoods cleaning up trash, plant gardens, give shoes to the less fortunate, witness to people, and pretty much just serve our city! One of the comments from a volunteer who was with us last year said, “It’s important to give back to your community because, as we come together we are united like a family and you have a role that you are responsible for! It’s great to know that the role you play would not have been met if it weren’t for you stepping up and being a part of something bigger than you!”


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