February 10

Exodus 25-27

How did they do that? They were in the middle of a desert. There was no electricity. No fabric stores or sewing machines. How did they create the ornamental details out of metal without lead molds and furnaces? How did they get the precious metals in the first place?And how did they even know what cherubim looked like?

Reading the description of the mobile tabernacle with the altar and utensils makes me wonder. This could not have been easy. And why did God inspire someone to write it all down and preserve it for us in 2013?

This was the place the Israelites would go to meet God. It was a place carefully prepared for God to make his dwelling place on earth. It was like nothing else around.

Today is Sunday and many of us will go to a building to worship God with other believers. And although I think we need to show respect for the material building we designate as a place to meet God, the Bible says that since the cross we are a temple to the Lord. God Himself dwells in each of us who know Jesus as our Savior.

I believe God is asking me today if I have put any thought into His earthly dwelling place… my heart. Is my life filled with things that make Him uncomfortable to live here? The great thing about this house guest is that He wants to help me clean up. He is willing to point out the things in my life that shouldn’t be there and, if I ask Him to, He’ll get rid of it. He’ll wash it away with His own blood.

Dear God, Thank you for making me Your temple. Thank you for taking up residence in my heart. Show me the things that don’t please You, then may I allow you to clean it up. May You find my heart a place fit for a King today.

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