February 9

Exodus 22-24

God promised the nation of Israel that if they obeyed him and followed the laws he set down he would be on their side. He would defeat their enemies and drive out the people now living in the land he had promised them.

But, God said, he wouldn’t do it in a day. Little by little he would drive out the inhabitants until the Jews were ready to take possession of the land.

Have you ever had to wait for an answer to prayer?

If you’ve been a Christian for any length of time you’ll agree that God’s timing is often not the same as ours. I imagine when the Jews marched out of Egypt they figured they’d be mowing the grass in their new homes in Canaan in a few short weeks.

God had a different time table. Little by little, he told them.

We don’t like to wait, do we? In our age of instant gratification, microwavable dinners, the fastest internet service we can find, we want our prayers to be microwavable, too. Ask and you’ll receive… now.

But while we learn to wait for God’s timing let’s not miss the lessons he wants us to learn along the way. God wanted Israel to increase enough to take the land. He wants our faith and trust, our maturity to increase enough for us to handle the answers to our prayers, too.

Father, thank you for answered prayer. Forgive us when our faith is shaken when we don’t receive the answers we want fast enough. Teach us to wait and learn, to trust you not only with the “what” of our desires, but the “when” as well.

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