February 8

Exodus 19-21

In the next few chapters God is going to lay down the law. What a sight it must have been when God descended on that mountain. Trumpets blaring, fire, smoke. No wonder the Israelites were afraid… as they should. They were standing before a Holy God.

I wonder if we haven’t lost that awe. Do we understand that God is Holy, Holy, Holy? So often we portray him as a benevolent buddy, a giver of gifts, a doting father. His humanness in the form of Jesus certainly has made Him more approachable than the God the Israelites saw on the mountain. But let’s not forget that He is first of all Holy.

The laws He gave Moses prove His holy standard for living. Who can say they have never broken at least one of them? Not me. Do we have a healthy fear of Him when we disobey?

Forgive my soap-box and I know there are saints who disagree with me but I think we are becoming way to casual in our worship of a Holy God. As we read these laws God spelled out for the Israelites, let’s do so before His Holiness.

Dear Father, Thank you that Jesus called us His brothers. And for inviting us to come boldly to your throne with what is on our hearts. Thank you for being a Father, a brother, a friend. You are a personal, intimate God and I am so glad you live in my heart. But help me not to forget that You are Holy and demand holiness in me. Help me not become so familiar with You that I forget Your standard of living. I bow before you today and, with the angels cry… Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty.


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