February 2

Exodus 1-4:17

Oh Moses.  History has remembered you as a great leader, a faithful saint. But you were a coward, weren’t you? You tried to talk God out of His plan five different ways, even pleading with God to please send someone else to do it!

But in the end Moses was obedient and we know the nation of Israel gained their freedom through him. God took an insecure, hot-headed, flawed man and because he was obedient, brought his people to the promised land.

Have you ever argued with God? Have I? It probably didn’t sound exactly like the conversation between Moses and God. It probably was more like God laid a person on your heart. You had the thought of reaching out to that person but you pushed the thought aside, thinking you wouldn’t know what to say. Maybe it’s a change of address or career change. Maybe it’s teaching Sunday School or writing a blog. And each time God plants that idea in our heads, instead of praying about it and obeying we, like Moses say… please send someone else. Who am I to lead? What have I to say? What about my past sins? People would think I’m a hypocrite.

God is saying to us… I will help you speak and teach you what to say. He said that to Moses. He says that to me. And I’m thinking He’s saying that to you, too.

Father in Heaven, help us to recognize your prompting and give us the courage to obey. You promised to help us speak and teach us what to say. We are going to hold you to that. Go with us as we listen to your voice and go where you want us to go, do what you want us to do.


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